Activities & Athletics

Each school in the Good Spirit School Division offers athletic and/or ​activities outside of class time. These are run by teachers, school staff or community volunteers.​​ Please contact the school for more information. ​

​Drama ​X-Country Running
​SADD Volleyball
​SRC Basketball
​Yearbook ​NASP
​Track and Field
​X-Country Running ​Mrs. Leona Kitchen & Mr. Thomas Lowes
​Jr. Boys Volleyball

Ms. Olivia Gordon

Mrs. Chelsea Volke

​Jr. Girls Volleyball

Mr. Curtis Baillie

Mrs. Koren Baillie

Mr. Dean Turchinetz

​Sr. Boys Volleyball

​Ms. Ally Rock

Ms. Jodie Kowalyshyn (Community Coach)

​Sr. Girls Volleyball

Ms. Hannah Maurer

Ms. Brianne Murray (Community Coach)

​Jr. Boys Basketball Mr. Curtis Baille and Mr. Kim Eiteneier (Interim)
​Jr. Girls Basketball

Ms. Rebekah Thomas (Community Coach)

Ms. Megan Barteski (Community Coach)

Ms. Saryn Leson (Community Coach)

​Sr. Boys Basketball Mr. Hudson Bailey (Community Coach)
​Sr. Girls Basketball

Ms. Olivia Gordon

Constable Baily Potts (Community Coach)

​Curling Mrs. Kellyanne Ostafie (Community Coach)
​NASP Mr. Thomas Lowes
​Golf Mr. Dustin Nielsen
​Jr. Badminton

Mrs. Koren Baillie

Mrs. Jennifer Sleeva

Sr. ​Badminton Mr. Derek Serdachny
​Jr. & Sr. Track and Field

Mr. Thomas Lowes

Mrs. Leona Kitchen

Mrs. Cindy Sznerch

​Jr. & Sr. Drama Mrs. Kimberly Merriam
   ** Community Coaches do not have email addresses with GSSD **